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Fashion Designing for Pets

Being a fashion designer for pet’s clothing certainly has many perks that would make it an ideal job for those who really want to go into it. For one, it allows for your creative side to shine through on your designs and make a lot of people happy. The remuneration part is also the best, as people who are into these kinds of stuff certainly has lots of money to spare and splurge on their pets, so you really get top dollar once you get the hang of it.

You go about it on your own time and you are not constrained by deadlines and stuff, not if you are working as a freelancer that is. There are no set guidelines to restrict you in and the sky truly is the limit to whatever things you can do with your work.

Heck you can dress any pet any way you like, you just got to explain yourself to the owner on how you got to arrive at that design and oftentimes they smile and agree with you, as is always my case. Always remember that the owners want their pets to look the best among the best and you can achieve that by dressing them in head turning ensembles that no one has seen yet.

Of course, designing the clothing is only one part of the job and there are other aspects of it that you must go through and endure. One is cataloging all your creations which can be a little bit overwhelming for me. Certainly you have got to take pictures of your work for posterity and you can’t really describe to clients all your available dresses as that would be impossible.

Another one is carrying samples of your designs to shows and meets. Good thing I have a set of the best lightweight luggage with me at all times to help me with that. You must always keep your dresses and what-have- yous thoroughly neat and presentable when bringing them with you to increase your chances of selling them and the luggage just shines in doing that.

Also in my store, I have the best pack n play I could get my hands on, to use as staging areas for pets, as you know how messy these little monsters can get sometimes. It might be a little unconventional but it works very well for me. My clients also praise me for going out of my way to ensure the comfort of their pets and it really builds my relationship with them.

There might be other stuff worth mentioning but the gist of everything I want to say, is that fashion designing clothes for pets is a very rewarding and fulfilling job. You just have to have the passion for it and everything else is just gravy. I’ve been at it for quite some time now and I can’t really see when I will stop doing it. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, that’s what I always say when people ask me how I became successful at doing what I do. You should too.

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