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Female Chatter While Waiting

A couple of friends and I have been arguing about the merits of several random things that entered our minds this afternoon while waiting for a photo shoot to be finished. We have some sort of ritual of critiquing things when we are left on the same place for a long period of time. That’s us when we are together and having nothing else better to do, so we try our best to get into each other’s back as often as you could say every day.

I have my new pet wardrobe collection finished and all that was left to do was to put them onto some cute little critters and take pictures of them wearing it. I was with several close friends, who endearingly call themselves partners, on the shoot, as usual, and it was a very interesting afternoon to put it mildly.

We were bored just sitting in the viewing area waiting for the photographer to do his thing and the discussions started immediately. Our first agenda for the day was the cameraman’s tripod, if it was the best travel tripod available in the market today or if the photographer was skimping on his gear.

A friend stated that it was not the best travel tripod as she saw it not being able to collapse on itself. She says that the best criterion of being a travel tripod was the thing’s ability to fit into small bags. She also added that the tripod in question also looked bulky and heavy that you would have problems carrying it around with you during travels.

Some of us, me included, were obviously looking to find a rebuttal to what she had said, to somehow put her in the defensive, but apparently there was nothing left to say. She was correct on all points as the cameraman’s tripod does not really look like it was portable and stuff so that was that, one point for her.

The photographer, seeming tired and hot with all the lights surrounding the shoot, went back to his chair to gulp down cold water from his bottle of mineral water. And as if on cue, another one of my friends asked the group of which was the best way to ensure the cleanliness of the water we’re drinking every day.

One volunteered that water filters on our taps is clearly the way to go but another one interjected that water filters does not really do its job well as the particles it filters stays on the filter itself and that it was not very economical to change filters every so often. Another one said to boil the water we’re drinking to be sure that is safe, but everyone agreed that it was such a hassle to constantly boil water for drinking.

Tripod girl suggested that the best way to stay safe with the water we are drinking is through the best reverse osmosis system available in the country today. She said that it’s kind of like several types of filters rolled into one and it automatically separates the impurities it filters into a wastewater thereby eliminating the impurities collecting on the filter itself.

She further states that pressure drives the water into the filter to ensure everything gets sieved of unwanted particles and that the resulting water is much cleaner than the bottled ones that we were accustomed to drinking every time. Well, what can we say, maybe another point for Miss Know-it-all?

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