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Serious Problems from Fleas

liver painWhile we all want to be healthy and free from any health condition, what if you are given two options between having liver pain and fleas on humans? What would you choose? Many people will perhaps choose having fleas, thinking it is less serious and something that can be treated or eliminated. But to some extent, having fleas may also pose serious health problems.

Fleas are reddish-brown insects with flattened or compressed bodies that feed on blood. They are wingless but have an incredible jumping ability. Although they are visible to the naked eye, they are so small that they can be difficult to detect or eliminate. If not eliminated, they cause some of the following problems on humans:

  • Allergic reaction – Some people develop allergic reaction to fleas, causing humans to have small lesions commonly known as papules which can be purple or reddish in color. The severity of the allergy may vary from person to person. This kind of allergic reaction can be itchy and may cause discomfort.
  • Tapeworm infestation – Tapeworm is normally spread to humans through infected fleas from animals.
  • Plague – Fleas from rodents can be carriers of the bubonic plague, particularly the Yersinia pestis bacteria. This plague can be transferred to humans through bites from infected fleas. It can be deadly since it is associated with the Black Death in Europe in the 1340s.
  • Typhus – Another serious condition that humans may get from fleas is typhus. This condition normally causes typhus fever, red rashes and delirium.
  • Flea Allergic Dermatitis (FAD) – Some people bitten by fleas may develop FAD which is characterized by itchy and reddish skin, hives and rashes. Crusting and scaling may also develop along with patches on the skin that are normally yellowish in color.
  • Anemia – Anemia is a condition when a person is deficient in iron and has low blood level. Affected patients normally have pale skin, low energy level and oftentimes, suffer from dizziness, lethargy, confusion and irritability. There are various factors that can cause anemia and one of them is infestation from blood sucking insects, more particularly fleas.
  • Severe scratching – flea bites may also cause severe itching which comes with a burning sensation. To some extent, excessive scratching in the affected area may also cause blood infection.

It is not a joking matter to have fleas in your home. They normally find their way into your home through your pet dog or cat. They will not only affect your pet’s health but also your health and that of your family. Fleas are one of the most dreaded and feared parasites among pets and they can easily find their way to humans. It is important that at the first signs of flea infestation in your pet, you should already do something to eliminate them. You could talk with your veterinarian for assistance. The key to flea elimination is your immediate action before your pet becomes heavily infested. Normally, your veterinarian will recommend using a specially formulated shampoo that is effective in killing fleas.


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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Tattoo

chest tattoos for menWhile I have several friends who have tattoos, I am still not fully convinced why a person should get one. However, I do not discriminate those who already have one. Personally, I am not anti-tattoo or pro-tattoo. But I know of several more than good enough reasons why a person should not get inked:

  1. Risk of infection

Regardless of the location of your tattoo, whether or not you have one of those popular side tattoos for girls, chest tattoos for men, or tattoos in other locations on your body, your risk of contracting infection will be the same. Even in registered and fully vetted tattoo parlors, the needles used for inking may still see several customers after the artist has used it on you. And it is not only the needles that can give you infection. Some inks also contain toxic substances that can be absorbed in your blood.

  1. Reduces your chances of employment

Call it discriminatory, but there are really companies or jobs that do not accept people with tattoos, especially if the tattoos are in highly visible areas of the body. Some companies and professions believe that tattoos can contradict their trustworthiness and respectability. It may also offend clients and potential colleagues. Institutions include professions like teachers, lawyer and medical professionals among others. Additionally, if you are aspiring to be in the military, no matter how qualified you are, if you have visible tattoos, you will also be turned away.

  1. Stigma

In some societies, having a tattoo is equated to having a dangerous or low character. Tattoos are also normally equated to gang members. In women, having a tattoo may also attract unwanted suitors.

  1. Permanence

So you are getting a tattoo of a person you love so much. What if you break-up with that person and you want to forget everything about him or her? That tattoo you have, unless you have it removed, will continually remind you of that person. A tattoo tends to be a permanent mark, and if ever you want it removed, some inks can be difficult to remove even with the use of laser surgery. And if ever you are successful in removing the tattoo, it may still leave some scar that will continually be a reminder to you.

side tattoos for girls

  1. High cost

You think that having a tattoo is cheap because you can afford getting one. But think about the long-term costs. You may have to spend on medication during the recovery period, and in the future if you change your mind and spend for its removal. Laser tattoo removal is really expensive and it could cost you thousands of dollars and would take you several months to remove even small images.

If you are one of those people who are thinking of getting inked, consider these five reasons before making your decision. Tattoos are not only something physical in nature. They could also have an impact on you financially, emotionally and socially. Think it over first for a dozen times before getting your first tattoo.


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