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Different Types of Pet Accessories

A pet, regardless of what you have at home, be it a dog, cat, bird or any exotic pet, is often considered as a member of the family. And being a family member, we don’t leave it behind in terms of its needs and even accessories. As a pet owner, it is common to invest in some accessories that can enhance the quality of life that your pet has.
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How to Keep Your Dog Happy

Many households consider their dog as a part of their family. Pet owners pamper them with treats, toys or even with nice accessories just like they would give to their own children. Yet, some dog owners still wonder why their dog seems not to be happy.

Just like humans, dogs also need more than just material things to make them feel happy. And if you like your dog to be happy, here are some things you could do:

  • Spend time with your dog.

Have you seen how your dog wags its tail when you come home? It means that it is excited to see you. Show the same interest by spending several minutes playing with your dog. Playing will not only entertain both of you but it will also help make your dog active and healthy. If you have a busy schedule, you could also wake up early in the morning and bring your dog for a morning walk. It is a good bonding time that can keep your dog happy and looking forward to your return at the end of the day.

  • Ride a car together.

Generally, dogs like to ride a car and put their head out to smell and feel the wind. Your pet deserves that enjoyment.

  • Visit a local park where dogs are allowed to be off-leash.

Give your dog that sense of freedom to run, play and socialize with other dogs by bringing it to a local park where dogs are allowed off-leash. Most states have this kind of pet-friendly parks.

  • Give your dog a treat for obedience or a job well-done.

This action will not only encourage good behavior but it will surely make your pet happy. A treat could be its favorite snack, a hug or a toy.

  • Pat, rub and scratch.

Some dogs just enjoy sitting down while its owner gives it a nice rub on the belly, scratch behind the ears, or maybe a pat on the head. This is especially true for many older dogs that are not as playful as the younger ones.

  • Make your dog feel that it is part of the family.

Dogs are also emotional if they feel neglected. Don’t pass a day without greeting your dog and spending time with it. And be sure that all family members treat the animal with respect.

  • Give your dog its basic needs.

Your dog’s basic needs are composed of proper diet, exercise, grooming and comfortable place to sleep. If your dog is well-provided for, it has more reasons to be happy and not wanting.

  • Keep your dog healthy.

A healthy dog is a happy dog. If your dog is no longer as energetic and happy as it used to be, there might be something wrong with its health. A yearly checkup by your vet is important to ensure that your dog is not suffering from any serious illness. And if it does, it should be treated early.

These are just some of the things that you could do to make your dog happy. There is more to this list. But if you are a new owner, you could start with these basic ones.

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