Top 10 Best Dog Mixes

Yes, I love dogs. So here is another great post for those who are also dog lovers like me and are deciding on which breed or mixes to have as a house pet. While dogs are generally cute and huggable, there are dogs that really stand out in terms of looks and personalities.

1. Cockapoo

This little mush is a mix of a poodle and cocker spaniel. Cockapoos are known to be mellow, smart and loyal dogs. They also have the personality of a clown dog, which makes them a great entertainer especially for children. They are also hypoallergenic, dander-free and they don’t shed. They also require little maintenance except for weekly brushing.

2. Labradoodle

This breed is one of the smartest breeds there is as they are a mix of two highly intelligent breeds of a poodle and a Labrador. Labradoodles are affectionate, playful and most importantly, hypoallergenic.

3. Puggle

The mix of a beagle and a pug makes a loyal, sweet, playful, lively, gentle and spirited puggle. They are among the best pets for families with children. Their watchful attitude also makes them a good watchdog.

4. Gollie

Gollies are a mix of a collie and golden retriever. They possess some of the best traits from their parent breeds, which include being intelligent, affectionate and loyal. They are also very active, alert and playful, which makes them a great playmate for children. This breed is also among the easiest to house-break and train.

5. Jack-A-Bee

Jack-A-Bee is a combination of a beagle and a Jack Russell terrier. They are well-behaved dogs, energetic, adventurous and intelligent. They are very teachable and easy to train with some tricks. They are also generally sociable and friendly even to new people they meet.

6. Shih-Poo

Shih-Tzus are cute dogs, but they generally have breathing problems because of their short snouts. But breeding one with a poodle alleviates that problem. Shih-Poo, which is the resulting mix, is also cute and cuddly just like its parents.

7. St. Berdoodle

St. Berdoodles which is a mix of a poodle and a St. Bernard is one of the gentlest dogs you could have. They also have hypoallergenic furs and high intelligent ratings. Additionally, they have a wonderful temperament which makes them an ideal pet for most families.

8. Corgi Dalmatian Hybrid

This breed is a cross between a Dalmatian and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This mix has a long frame and could weigh up to 30 pounds. They are loyal, obedient, intelligent and human pleasers. They are also known to be fun-loving, sociable and good around children.

9. Maltipoo

The maltipoo is a mix between a poodle and a Maltese. This combination makes a cute, friendly and highly intelligent dog. They are excellent as house pets as they are generally friendly of people and other house pets.

10. Pomsky

As a husky Pomeranian mix, pomskies are generally intelligent with a high energy level for playing. They are also sociable and friendly and could play well with children. They can be an ideal pet for small or large households living in apartments or those with a yard.

I have several personal choices in this list, and I know you may have too. But before finally getting your dog, be sure to research more about their basic needs to make sure that you are able to care for it.