About Christine

ChristineHi guys and dolls! My name is Christine Young. I am from Columbus, Ohio and I am a fashion designer. I love fashion ever since I was a little girl. I would play dress up with my mom’s makeup and clothes. There was a picture of me when I was five wearing my mom red heels. My mom said that I was a total fashionista growing up. I always follow her, copying her every move and what she wears. My mom said that I love to dress myself at a very young age and she said that I would do a great job of choosing what to wear.

When I went to college, I studied fashion design and graduated with honors. I worked in retail for 4 years and learned a lot. However, I always wanted to be my own boss so just recently I started my own fashion line for pets!! I love pets and I design dog clothes and accessories. There is so much to learn and do about owning your own business. I love every moment of it even though it requires a lot of capital and risk. But hey, big risks comes with big rewards. I bring my designs to local tradeshows and events and even to stores to see if they would put my items on their shelves. I even go knocking door to door to sell my products and also online. Pretty much, I do whatever it takes to put my brand out there. I hope one day that I can be very successful and be on a tv show like shark tank or even QVC, that would be so cool.

In the meantime, I will continue to improve my business and create more fashion design for pets. Hopefully one day, you will see my brand as a household name at your local pet stores or even department stores!!!