Different Types of Pet Accessories

A pet, regardless of what you have at home, be it a dog, cat, bird or any exotic pet, is often considered as a member of the family. And being a family member, we don’t leave it behind in terms of its needs and even accessories. As a pet owner, it is common to invest in some accessories that can enhance the quality of life that your pet has.
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How to Keep Your Dog Happy

Many households consider their dog as a part of their family. Pet owners pamper them with treats, toys or even with nice accessories just like they would give to their own children. Yet, some dog owners still wonder why their dog seems not to be happy.

Just like humans, dogs also need more than just material things to make them feel happy. And if you like your dog to be happy, here are some things you could do:

  • Spend time with your dog.

Have you seen how your dog wags its tail when you come home? It means that it is excited to see you. Show the same interest by spending several minutes playing with your dog. Playing will not only entertain both of you but it will also help make your dog active and healthy. If you have a busy schedule, you could also wake up early in the morning and bring your dog for a morning walk. It is a good bonding time that can keep your dog happy and looking forward to your return at the end of the day.

  • Ride a car together.

Generally, dogs like to ride a car and put their head out to smell and feel the wind. Your pet deserves that enjoyment.

  • Visit a local park where dogs are allowed to be off-leash.

Give your dog that sense of freedom to run, play and socialize with other dogs by bringing it to a local park where dogs are allowed off-leash. Most states have this kind of pet-friendly parks.

  • Give your dog a treat for obedience or a job well-done.

This action will not only encourage good behavior but it will surely make your pet happy. A treat could be its favorite snack, a hug or a toy.

  • Pat, rub and scratch.

Some dogs just enjoy sitting down while its owner gives it a nice rub on the belly, scratch behind the ears, or maybe a pat on the head. This is especially true for many older dogs that are not as playful as the younger ones.

  • Make your dog feel that it is part of the family.

Dogs are also emotional if they feel neglected. Don’t pass a day without greeting your dog and spending time with it. And be sure that all family members treat the animal with respect.

  • Give your dog its basic needs.

Your dog’s basic needs are composed of proper diet, exercise, grooming and comfortable place to sleep. If your dog is well-provided for, it has more reasons to be happy and not wanting.

  • Keep your dog healthy.

A healthy dog is a happy dog. If your dog is no longer as energetic and happy as it used to be, there might be something wrong with its health. A yearly checkup by your vet is important to ensure that your dog is not suffering from any serious illness. And if it does, it should be treated early.

These are just some of the things that you could do to make your dog happy. There is more to this list. But if you are a new owner, you could start with these basic ones.

Female Chatter While Waiting

A couple of friends and I have been arguing about the merits of several random things that entered our minds this afternoon while waiting for a photo shoot to be finished. We have some sort of ritual of critiquing things when we are left on the same place for a long period of time. That’s us when we are together and having nothing else better to do, so we try our best to get into each other’s back as often as you could say every day.

I have my new pet wardrobe collection finished and all that was left to do was to put them onto some cute little critters and take pictures of them wearing it. I was with several close friends, who endearingly call themselves partners, on the shoot, as usual, and it was a very interesting afternoon to put it mildly.

We were bored just sitting in the viewing area waiting for the photographer to do his thing and the discussions started immediately. Our first agenda for the day was the cameraman’s tripod, if it was the best travel tripod available in the market today or if the photographer was skimping on his gear.

A friend stated that it was not the best travel tripod as she saw it not being able to collapse on itself. She says that the best criterion of being a travel tripod was the thing’s ability to fit into small bags. She also added that the tripod in question also looked bulky and heavy that you would have problems carrying it around with you during travels.

Some of us, me included, were obviously looking to find a rebuttal to what she had said, to somehow put her in the defensive, but apparently there was nothing left to say. She was correct on all points as the cameraman’s tripod does not really look like it was portable and stuff so that was that, one point for her.

The photographer, seeming tired and hot with all the lights surrounding the shoot, went back to his chair to gulp down cold water from his bottle of mineral water. And as if on cue, another one of my friends asked the group of which was the best way to ensure the cleanliness of the water we’re drinking every day.

One volunteered that water filters on our taps is clearly the way to go but another one interjected that water filters does not really do its job well as the particles it filters stays on the filter itself and that it was not very economical to change filters every so often. Another one said to boil the water we’re drinking to be sure that is safe, but everyone agreed that it was such a hassle to constantly boil water for drinking.

Tripod girl suggested that the best way to stay safe with the water we are drinking is through the best reverse osmosis system available in the country today. She said that it’s kind of like several types of filters rolled into one and it automatically separates the impurities it filters into a wastewater thereby eliminating the impurities collecting on the filter itself.

She further states that pressure drives the water into the filter to ensure everything gets sieved of unwanted particles and that the resulting water is much cleaner than the bottled ones that we were accustomed to drinking every time. Well, what can we say, maybe another point for Miss Know-it-all?

Serious Problems from Fleas

liver painWhile we all want to be healthy and free from any health condition, what if you are given two options between having liver pain and fleas on humans? What would you choose? Many people will perhaps choose having fleas, thinking it is less serious and something that can be treated or eliminated. But to some extent, having fleas may also pose serious health problems.

Fleas are reddish-brown insects with flattened or compressed bodies that feed on blood. They are wingless but have an incredible jumping ability. Although they are visible to the naked eye, they are so small that they can be difficult to detect or eliminate. If not eliminated, they cause some of the following problems on humans:

  • Allergic reaction – Some people develop allergic reaction to fleas, causing humans to have small lesions commonly known as papules which can be purple or reddish in color. The severity of the allergy may vary from person to person. This kind of allergic reaction can be itchy and may cause discomfort.
  • Tapeworm infestation – Tapeworm is normally spread to humans through infected fleas from animals.
  • Plague – Fleas from rodents can be carriers of the bubonic plague, particularly the Yersinia pestis bacteria. This plague can be transferred to humans through bites from infected fleas. It can be deadly since it is associated with the Black Death in Europe in the 1340s.
  • Typhus – Another serious condition that humans may get from fleas is typhus. This condition normally causes typhus fever, red rashes and delirium.
  • Flea Allergic Dermatitis (FAD) – Some people bitten by fleas may develop FAD which is characterized by itchy and reddish skin, hives and rashes. Crusting and scaling may also develop along with patches on the skin that are normally yellowish in color.
  • Anemia – Anemia is a condition when a person is deficient in iron and has low blood level. Affected patients normally have pale skin, low energy level and oftentimes, suffer from dizziness, lethargy, confusion and irritability. There are various factors that can cause anemia and one of them is infestation from blood sucking insects, more particularly fleas.
  • Severe scratching – flea bites may also cause severe itching which comes with a burning sensation. To some extent, excessive scratching in the affected area may also cause blood infection.

It is not a joking matter to have fleas in your home. They normally find their way into your home through your pet dog or cat. They will not only affect your pet’s health but also your health and that of your family. Fleas are one of the most dreaded and feared parasites among pets and they can easily find their way to humans. It is important that at the first signs of flea infestation in your pet, you should already do something to eliminate them. You could talk with your veterinarian for assistance. The key to flea elimination is your immediate action before your pet becomes heavily infested. Normally, your veterinarian will recommend using a specially formulated shampoo that is effective in killing fleas.


Fashion Designing for Pets

Being a fashion designer for pet’s clothing certainly has many perks that would make it an ideal job for those who really want to go into it. For one, it allows for your creative side to shine through on your designs and make a lot of people happy. The remuneration part is also the best, as people who are into these kinds of stuff certainly has lots of money to spare and splurge on their pets, so you really get top dollar once you get the hang of it.

You go about it on your own time and you are not constrained by deadlines and stuff, not if you are working as a freelancer that is. There are no set guidelines to restrict you in and the sky truly is the limit to whatever things you can do with your work.

Heck you can dress any pet any way you like, you just got to explain yourself to the owner on how you got to arrive at that design and oftentimes they smile and agree with you, as is always my case. Always remember that the owners want their pets to look the best among the best and you can achieve that by dressing them in head turning ensembles that no one has seen yet.

Of course, designing the clothing is only one part of the job and there are other aspects of it that you must go through and endure. One is cataloging all your creations which can be a little bit overwhelming for me. Certainly you have got to take pictures of your work for posterity and you can’t really describe to clients all your available dresses as that would be impossible.

Another one is carrying samples of your designs to shows and meets. Good thing I have a set of the best lightweight luggage with me at all times to help me with that. You must always keep your dresses and what-have- yous thoroughly neat and presentable when bringing them with you to increase your chances of selling them and the luggage just shines in doing that.

Also in my store, I have the best pack n play I could get my hands on, to use as staging areas for pets, as you know how messy these little monsters can get sometimes. It might be a little unconventional but it works very well for me. My clients also praise me for going out of my way to ensure the comfort of their pets and it really builds my relationship with them.

There might be other stuff worth mentioning but the gist of everything I want to say, is that fashion designing clothes for pets is a very rewarding and fulfilling job. You just have to have the passion for it and everything else is just gravy. I’ve been at it for quite some time now and I can’t really see when I will stop doing it. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, that’s what I always say when people ask me how I became successful at doing what I do. You should too.

Facts You Need to Know About Low Carb Diet

Many people especially women are very conscious about their weight. In fact, I have friends who are observing certain diet programs just to lose weight or to maintain their weight. Achieving the ideal weight for your height and age is especially important to be physically fit and to avoid certain diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

One particular diet that is gaining in popularity among people on a weight loss regime is the low carb diet. A low carb diet may involve consuming low carb fruits and vegetables or counting calories like those who are observing the 1000 calorie diet. However, some people do not really fully understand what a low carb diet is and what its implications are.


A low carb diet is a diet plan that involves limiting your carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates occur naturally in many foods such as in grains, nuts, legumes, milk, certain fruits and starchy vegetables. They are also present in commercially prepared foods in the form of added sugar or starch. A low carb diet instead promotes consuming more fats and protein. There are different types of low carb diet plans and among the most popular are the South Beach, Atkins, Zone and Sonoma diet plans.


The main goal of a low carb diet is to help a person lose weight. Some also promise to offer other benefits such as in reducing the risk of cancer or other serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

Carbohydrates are converted by the body into sugar, which in turn is the body’s main source of energy. However, if a person takes in more carbohydrates than what is needed for energy, the extra sugar is then converted by the body into fat. Proponents of a low carb diet believe that consuming a smaller amount of carbohydrates may result in lower level of insulin, which in turn forces the body to burn stored fat. Ultimately, it will help you remove excess weight.

Typical Menu

Generally, a low carb diet includes more meat, fish, poultry, eggs, non-starchy vegetables and low carb fruits. Grains, breads, sweets, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, beans and pastas are normally consumed in very limited amounts. It is typical for low carb diets to limit the daily carbohydrate consumption to between 50 and 150 grams. Some diet plans even totally restrict carbohydrate intake during the initial phase.


A low carb diet may be effective in shedding excess weight, but it is not without certain risks. Sudden reduction of carbohydrates in your diet may cause dizziness, headache, fatigue, weakness and constipation. To some extent, some diet plans that restrict too much carbohydrates result in insufficient dietary fiber of nutritional deficiencies.

One of the more serious side effects of a low carb diet is ketosis. Ketosis normally results when your diet plan restricts you to less than 20 grams of carbohydrates in a day. Ketosis is a condition when your body has no sufficient glucose for energy source, causing the body to burn stored fat unnecessarily and to build up ketones. A person suffering from ketosis may experience mental fatigue, headache, nausea and even bad breath. Some researchers also suggest that consuming more animal protein and fats may put you at risk of certain cancers and heart disease.

If you intend to lose weight through a low carb diet, it is important that you should know first the above mentioned facts. Even better, seek advice from your doctor about your plan.

When Do You Need Braces for Teeth

Having a nice set of teeth can give you confidence when you smile. I may not have the perfect teeth, but I am happy to say that I have no problem smiling because I am confident that my teeth would look good when I smile. However, there are people who have serious problems with their teeth and which can only be solved by having braces.

Braces are useful for moving teeth to their ideal or intended positions so that there will be occlusion, a condition when the teeth are aligned together when they bite. Many people have problems with malocclusion, a misalignment of teeth in the lower and upper dental arches, with the first molar as the reference point. Aside from misalignment, certain conditions also call for braces:

Class I – Class I misalignment has the ideal alignment between the lower and upper sets of teeth. However, crowding of teeth is normally present and braces are necessary to correct the problem.

Class II – Often referred to as the “over bite,” it is a condition when the first molar is in the posterior position or is girded toward the back part of the mouth. This in turn causes the maxilla or the upper jaw to protrude forward.

Class III – Also known as the “under bite,” this condition is characterized by having the first molar in the anterior position or close to the front part of the mouth. In this case, the mandible of the lower jaw also protrudes forward.

Crowding Teeth – While some patients have the ideal occlusion, braces may still be needed for varying cases of crowding problems. Crowding causes teeth to rotate, overlap or grow in the wrong position in the mouth. In extreme cases, crowding may even cause a tooth to be trapped in the bone. One of the primary factors that cause crowding is when a person has a very small dental arch for its adult teeth to grow. It could also be that the adult teeth are larger than normal. Some people also suffer from crowding teeth as a result of losing teeth too early or retaining them for too long than normal. Both conditions can inhibit the growth of the adult teeth, forcing them to grow in the wrong positions. Brushing and flossing of teeth can be difficult with crowding teeth. In turn, crowding may also result to other serious dental problems such as tooth decay and gingivitis.

Spacing Teeth – To some degree, some people suffer from spacing teeth problem. It is when the teeth or jaw is smaller than normal. One of the most common spacing problems is having space in between the two upper front teeth or the centrals.

Having an incorrect bite or misaligned teeth is a condition that needs dental attention as it could also lead to other problems such as speech impediment, jaw pain, difficulty in eating, clenching or grinding of the teeth, tooth decay, gum disease and even sleep apnea. While tooth pain can be easily remedied with natural and commercial tooth pain relief, these problems can only be solved by having braces. Some people are afraid to have braces because they can be expensive and may also be painful especially if you have just been fitted with spacers for braces. But it may be worth the cost and pain as braces can help you wear that perfect smile.

Best Foods for Breastfeeding Moms

If there is one thing that I appreciated most about mothers, it is the way they care for their children, especially infants. Some mothers even sacrifice their work and other normal routines just to be able to breastfeed their babies for several months to even a few years later. While breastfeeding, there are also many challenges that a mother can face and these are discussed in numerous online resources. I have encountered numerous articles talking about how mothers should be picky with the foods they eat as there are foods to avoid while breastfeeding. Some articles also discuss the conditions that might affect breastfeeding moms such as period while breastfeeding or serious illnesses while breastfeeding, which must be properly dealt with.

Moreover, I have known of lactating moms who have issues about the quality and quantity of their milk. Therefore, I thought that this list of best foods for breastfeeding moms could really help:


Although technically, water is not considered as food, it is the most essential component of a good diet to ensure an adequate supply of milk. Drinking at least 64 ounces of water or eight glasses of water per day is a must. If you can drink more, then that is even better. It will be helpful if you could keep a bottle of water with you wherever and whenever you nurse to keep yourself hydrated.


Nuts are also a good milk booster as they are high in antioxidants and healthy fats. Almonds, cashews and macadamia nuts offer the most benefits, but opt for less oily and salt-free or low-sodium versions.


When you are breastfeeding, you can boost the quality of your milk by eating carrots as they are rich in beta carotene, carbohydrates and potassium, which your child greatly needs. Additionally, eating carrots is also a good way to lose the extra weight you have gained during your pregnancy. For easy snacking, keep a ready-to-eat carrot in your fridge.


If you have a low milk supply, you can help extend it by consuming a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. Aside from maintaining your milk supply, oatmeal also helps lower your bad cholesterol.


Adding extra garlic to your dish will not only add extra flavor but it will also help you increase your milk supply.


Lactating moms can have an added benefit by consuming fennel since it is known to be an effective galactagogue, one that promotes lactation. Fennel is a versatile herb that you could stew, saute or add into your vegetable salad. It also has added benefits for digestion and for soothing an upset stomach.

Green Papaya

In Asia, the green papaya is a traditional galactagogue. It is normally added in stews or soups and is made into a green papaya salad. You can also steam it or add it to your stir fried dish until tender. Aside from that, green papaya is also available in tablet form.

Aside from taking the foods listed above, it is also best to talk with your healthcare provider for more advice on how to improve the quality and quantity of your milk. Your doctor might also recommend you to take vitamin supplements as a health and milk booster.

Top 10 Best Dog Mixes

Yes, I love dogs. So here is another great post for those who are also dog lovers like me and are deciding on which breed or mixes to have as a house pet. While dogs are generally cute and huggable, there are dogs that really stand out in terms of looks and personalities.

1. Cockapoo

This little mush is a mix of a poodle and cocker spaniel. Cockapoos are known to be mellow, smart and loyal dogs. They also have the personality of a clown dog, which makes them a great entertainer especially for children. They are also hypoallergenic, dander-free and they don’t shed. They also require little maintenance except for weekly brushing.

2. Labradoodle

This breed is one of the smartest breeds there is as they are a mix of two highly intelligent breeds of a poodle and a Labrador. Labradoodles are affectionate, playful and most importantly, hypoallergenic.

3. Puggle

The mix of a beagle and a pug makes a loyal, sweet, playful, lively, gentle and spirited puggle. They are among the best pets for families with children. Their watchful attitude also makes them a good watchdog.

4. Gollie

Gollies are a mix of a collie and golden retriever. They possess some of the best traits from their parent breeds, which include being intelligent, affectionate and loyal. They are also very active, alert and playful, which makes them a great playmate for children. This breed is also among the easiest to house-break and train.

5. Jack-A-Bee

Jack-A-Bee is a combination of a beagle and a Jack Russell terrier. They are well-behaved dogs, energetic, adventurous and intelligent. They are very teachable and easy to train with some tricks. They are also generally sociable and friendly even to new people they meet.

6. Shih-Poo

Shih-Tzus are cute dogs, but they generally have breathing problems because of their short snouts. But breeding one with a poodle alleviates that problem. Shih-Poo, which is the resulting mix, is also cute and cuddly just like its parents.

7. St. Berdoodle

St. Berdoodles which is a mix of a poodle and a St. Bernard is one of the gentlest dogs you could have. They also have hypoallergenic furs and high intelligent ratings. Additionally, they have a wonderful temperament which makes them an ideal pet for most families.

8. Corgi Dalmatian Hybrid

This breed is a cross between a Dalmatian and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This mix has a long frame and could weigh up to 30 pounds. They are loyal, obedient, intelligent and human pleasers. They are also known to be fun-loving, sociable and good around children.

9. Maltipoo

The maltipoo is a mix between a poodle and a Maltese. This combination makes a cute, friendly and highly intelligent dog. They are excellent as house pets as they are generally friendly of people and other house pets.

10. Pomsky

As a husky Pomeranian mix, pomskies are generally intelligent with a high energy level for playing. They are also sociable and friendly and could play well with children. They can be an ideal pet for small or large households living in apartments or those with a yard.

I have several personal choices in this list, and I know you may have too. But before finally getting your dog, be sure to research more about their basic needs to make sure that you are able to care for it.

5 Common Diseases Affecting Dogs

Dogs are among the most loyal, sweet and faithful companions we can have at home. And I guess many people will agree with me on that. As pets, they depend on us for their health and well-being. If you are a dog owner, it would be good to know some of the common diseases that can affect these animals, including their symptoms so that you can do something about it.

1. Dog Ear Infection

An ear infection is a common canine problem which could be caused by yeast, allergies, bacterial growth, ear mites and hair growth in the ear canal among other. Affected dogs could manifest symptoms like head tilting or head shaking, bad odor in the ear, vigorous scratching, redness or swelling on the ear canal, lack of balance, and a bloody or yellow discharge. If these symptoms are noticeable, you could take home remedies such as cleaning the affected area with a cleaning solution. If the symptoms still persist, bring your dog to the veterinarian for treatment. In some cases, surgery may be needed for chronic problems.

2. Worms

Hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms and whipworms are jut among the most common parasites that can infect your dog. While dogs having worms can be managed with some medications, certain types of worms such as hookworms can be fatal especially among puppies. Signs of worms include weight loss, diarrhea, change in appetite, and scooting on its bottom. You may also notice a dry or rough coat or fur especially among breeds or mixes like teacup Pomeranian which has a natural fluffy fur.

The best way to diagnose worm infestation is a regular visit to the veterinarian. Treatments normally depend on the type of worm. So don’t try treating worm infestation on your own without knowing what kind of worm you are dealing with.

3. Fleas

Fleas are a common canine problem that dogs can easily pick up on. However, flea infestation could also be easily treated once detected. Symptoms include excessive scratching, biting or licking of the skin, hair loss, and allergic dermatitis among others. There are especially formulated shampoos for dogs that can help get rid of flea. There are also oral medicines, topical liquid and sprays which your veterinarian may recommend.

4. Hot Spots

Although we commonly call it hot spots, they are really medically termed as acute moist dermatitis which is a kind of bacterial skin infection. If left untreated, it can grow larger and leave your dog uncomfortable and in pain most of the time. One of the most noticeable symptoms of this condition is excessive scratching or biting on the skin. Veterinarians normally prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, topical medication or steroids for hot spots, depending on how severe the case is.

5. Vomiting

Another very common problem in dogs is vomiting. Possible causes for this include intestinal parasite, heatstroke, poisoning, kidney failure and pancreatitis. As there are a number of underlying conditions that can cause vomiting, it would be good to have your dog diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian.

This list is not all-encompassing. There are other common conditions that affect dogs, depending on their breed. One important thing to note is that whenever you notice any abnormalities in your dog, it could be a sign that something is bothering the animal. If you cannot determine it, have your dog checked by your veterinarian.

Benefits of Coloring Pages

Coloring is perhaps one of the activities that many children enjoy. I know this because I also love coloring as a child. I also often see children coloring even in public places to keep themselves busy while their parents are waiting for something. In fact, it has become one of the most popular productive past times for children at home and in school.

Most children have a natural inclination for coloring. Coloring activities even with toddlers are recognized as one of the best educational and fun activities to assist and support their progress. And in coloring activities, you can never go wrong with having coloring pages.

I was able to research notable benefits of coloring pages that may be able to convince many parents to take advantage of. Below are some of those benefits:

1. Encourages and stimulates children to be creative. As soon as children will hold that crayon to color their favorite coloring pages, they will have to use their imagination to make the pages look more attractive using a wide range of colors. As a result, they will be able to exercise creativity during the coloring activity.

2. Promotes hand control and concentration. To achieve the best output, parents ought to teach their children to pay attention on what they are doing and on how to avoid coloring outside the lines. To achieve that, children need to concentrate and control their hand motion. With constant practice, your child will be able to develop their own technique to do it.

3. Keeps children busy. Children can easily get bored when they have to just sit down for a long time doing nothing. And this kind of circumstance is unavoidable especially when you bring your child to a friend’s home or to a dentist’s office and the waiting time is long. You can keep your child busy and entertained by bringing some coloring pages he can work on.

4. Teaches children to always aim for the best result. Coloring pages come in a wide range of themes designed for different age groups. As your child progresses, he will be able to develop that desire to do better than his previous works and to always aim for the best result.

5. Allows children to express themselves.

There is always something you can discover from the coloring works of children like their emotions and how they see things around them. For instance, if you see a child using bright colors, it will tell you of happy emotions as opposed to dark colors which connote distress and unhappy emotions.

With all these benefits of coloring pages plus many more not listed here, it is time that parents should consider humble coloring pages as important learning materials for children. There are many popular choices out there including the Disney’s Frozen coloring pages which are inspired by the movie Frozen, the Skylanders coloring pages, fairy tale-inspired coloring pages and many more.

Tips to Keeping Hip Flexors Healthy

Sometimes, I spend plenty of hours sitting down when I am making new designs. And every time I stand up, I would notice a little pain on my hips. I don’t mind it too much until recently when I read an article about hip flexor pain which could happen when a person sits for a long time while lacking in proper exercise.

I used to think that hip flexor problems are only common among athletes. I know of a friend who has been a runner for many years but has developed a serious condition affecting his hip flexors. For many months, he was advised by his doctor to observe anterior hip precautions.

The hip flexors are vital for the normal movement of a person. They are a group of muscles connecting the legs to the torso and lower body, allowing the legs to move in conjunction with the torso. These muscles also help in stabilizing your lower body and hips. If you are used to sitting all day, your hip flexor can become unhealthy. Because of that, you may suffer from hip pain and lower back pain. And as your problem becomes severe, your hip and lower back movement may also become limited. You may also notice postural problems as well as poor balance when standing and walking. In the long run, you may experience difficulty in standing and walking for an extended period of time.

The implications of healthy hip flexors on your normal life are very huge. That is why it is important to keep your hip flexors strong and flexible. You can do it with several easy-to-do stretches and exercises.

Yoga is especially good in strengthening your hip flexors. The same is true with leg lifts and sit ups especially when you also use small weights. If you can dangle from a pull up bar while doing leg lifts, that is one of the best ways to strengthen hip flexors. Just remember that when doing these exercises, you should always keep your back straight to prevent back injury.

As for stretching exercises, they are helpful to keep your hip flexors loose and supple. One of the most common stretching exercises for hip flexors is the kneeling stretch. This is done by kneeling on your right knee while the toes are down and then placing the left foot in front. Your knee should bend and align with the ankle. Start by placing your hands on your left thigh and then pressing the hips forward until you feel the tension in the right hip in front. Hold your position for about 30 seconds before switching legs. This is a very easy stretching exercise that you could do after two to three hours of sitting down.

It takes determination to develop healthy and strong hip flexors. Sometimes, I get carried too much with what I do that I forget about stretching and even standing up. It is always best to take periodic breaks during long hours of work and do basic stretching exercises for the hip flexors. It will be worth the effort.

Home Remedies for Pimples Under the Skin

Every time I look at a person, my first impression is always influenced by the clothes he or she wears and the tattoos or skin blemishes he or she has. But of course, I believe that first impressions are not always right. However, if I want to make a good impression on other people, I always dress my best and make sure that I look good in the mirror.

For me, looking good to leave a good first impression does not necessarily mean wearing expensive clothing. It just means wearing something neat and clean and making sure that you are well-groomed. However, if you have skin blemishes or imperfections such as skin tear or pimples under the skin, they may also influence other people’s impression on you.

Among the many types of skin imperfections, pimples are pretty common. I have seen them in many teens and adults, regardless of gender. And I wonder what they do to get rid of them.

I have learned about different home remedies for pimples from some people and have listed them here as reference for those who may also be suffering from this skin condition:

1. Tomato Juice

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and are considered to be a natural astringent. Dabbing your pimples with pure tomato juice twice daily may help you get rid of them. It is important to note that pure tomato juice may cause icky dryness on the skin, so use it only on the affected area.

2. Green Tea

Another inexpensive and natural home remedy for pimples would be green tea. But you have to freeze the tea first into cubes so that you could easily rub it over the pimples for a couple of minutes before rinsing. You should do it every day until you see any improvement. This remedy has a very soothing effect on the skin.

3. Mustard

The mustard sauce some people would like to put on their steak or hot dogs contains natural salicylic acid which may work wonders for your pimples. It also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin C, zinc and other natural elements that are good for the skin. As home remedy for pimples, you could apply mustard over your pimple and leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing. As an alternative, you could also use mustard powder with honey.

4. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is also one of the best known home remedies for pimples. Simply apply the juice over the pimples and let it stay overnight. Be sure that you don’t go out under the sun without rinsing your face since lemon juice could make your skin photosensitive. If you do, the sun may do some more damage to your skin.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

You could also use undiluted apple cider vinegar on your pimples (not the entire face). This only applies if you have only several pimples to treat. If you have more and they cover a bigger area on your face, just refer to the other remedies on the list.

I hope that many people will benefit from this list and would be able to have a blemish-free face.

Different Signs of Implantation

While I focus on developing and improving my fashion designs for pets, I do not dismiss the possibility of settling and having a family of my own in the future. I have several friends who already have their own families now. And they shared to me some of their challenges when it comes to first-time pregnancy.

There are tons of resources online about pregnancy, and almost half of them discuss the long list of dos and don’ts for pregnant women. For instance, taking alcoholic drinks and medications is prohibited for pregnant women and they may affect the development of the child. But what if you didn’t know that you are pregnant and you were able to take these things? Your child will be the one to suffer the consequences.

Most women only know that they are pregnant once they experience some signs like morning sickness, frequent urination, and of course, a positive pregnancy test result. But most of these signs normally appear when you are already several weeks into pregnancy. Fortunately, there is another effective way to give you a clue that pregnancy has already begun. And that is through observing signs of implantation. It could be easier to detect these signs if you are using implantation calculator like this one. But if you don’t, here are some of the recognizable signs which you may also notice.

1. Spotting

Also known as implantation bleeding, spotting is perhaps one of the most noticeable symptoms of implantation and it normally occurs around seven to ten days after ovulation or when a fertilized egg embeds itself in the uterine wall. The spotting is normally pinkish and not red in color and scanty unlike the regular menstruation.

2. Cramping

Implantation cramping is more like the regular cramps that some women experience before and during their period. The cramping that affects the lower abdomen can be moderate to mild, and it could last for a day or two.

3. Breast Changes

Many women also complain about breast changes such as tenderness, soreness and swelling as part of implantation symptoms. These changes can be attributed to the hormonal changes that occur rapidly after conception. Breast changes can be noticeable as early as seven days after ovulation.

4. Frequent Urination

If you find yourself visiting the bathroom more often than usual because of the urge to urinate, it could also be an early sign of pregnancy. You may experience it as early as one week after successful conception.

5. Hot flashes

Although not a very common symptom, a significant number of women reported having experienced hot flashes that could last for about an hour on the day that implantation occurs. Hormonal changes, particularly the sudden drop of estrogen level in the body, are one of the reasons why some women feel the sudden surge of heat in their body.

While early pregnancy can be detected as early as one week after conception using the abovementioned symptoms, the best way to confirm a pregnancy is still the pregnancy test. You could test for pregnancy as soon as you experience any or a combination of those symptoms.